Quick Tip Friday: Update Your About Page

We’re assuming right now that you’re a professional (of sorts) blogger. You want opportunities. Maybe you want to work with brands, maybe you want a book deal, or maybe you’re promoting your other business. Whatever your goals, your About page on your blog is a stepping stone to getting there, so make sure it’s ready for the Big Time and up-to-date. We’ve got some tips to get you on track.

Focused – Your About page should include information relevant to your blog and/or whatever business your blog is promoting. Sure, you can include a few fun facts that make you easier to relate to, but unless it’s relevant to your blog topic, leave out medical issues, financial woes, and other trauma/drama. Your goal is to draw the reader in, not make them feel uncomfortable or sorry for you.

Confident – You don’t have to brag about every little thing you’ve ever done, but this is the place to put your best foot forward. Think about relevant speaking gigs, degrees, honors/awards (stick with the quality here), and accomplishments, as well as other blogs/sites you write for/work with, work experience, and anything else that shows your expertise in your chosen area. If you write about homeschooling, make sure we know that you have teaching experience or that you’ve homeschooled for 5 years already. Crafter with an art degree? Or maybe you’ve been baking since the age of two and now you’ve got a food blog. Why should we listen to you?

Succinct – Get to the point.

Current – If your kids are no longer toddlers, make sure your About page doesn’t say that they are. Got a great new job or skill? Be sure to add them. Moved towns? Changed marital status? Switched topics? Time for an edit. Not only does it help match you with the best clients, opportunities, and products, it shows that you’re on top of things.

Clean – This may be the most overlooked aspect of the About page. Check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Read it out loud to make sure it all makes sense. Have your (honest) friend read it over and give (honest) feedback. Once again, this shows your professionalism and attention to detail.

Personable – Whether tiny blogger or larger business operation, include at least a short bio (with name or pseudonym) of each person behind the blog. Even on the Internet, readers want to connect with other (real) people. Bonus for including a headshot or fun photo, depending on what is appropriate for your site.

Contact – You must have contact information. Period. Non-negotiable. Put your email address (not just a contact form) on your About page or another obvious location. You can spell it out or otherwise mask it from spammers, but make things easy for the legitimate people who are trying to connect with you.

Do you have About page pet peeves? Other suggestions for making About pages that stand out?


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