Boston Parent Bloggers Roundup: Friday the 13th Edition

It’s a new year and Sharon at umommy has some ideas on what to do with those holiday cards that are still hanging around.

With the holiday cards, I got the boys to work and had them make gift tags for next year’s gifts. Got the idea from good ‘ol Martha of course. Other ideas include ornaments, gift bags and garland to name a few.

Speaking of a new year, Eve at Beautiful Spit Up is making strides on one of her resolutions by starting a new blog. She celebrates her final foodie series on the first blog with some delicious ice cream and hopes for the future.

In addition to allowing me to express my deep, deep love of all things edible, the new blog will help keep my cooking/eating habits in check. It will essentially force me to cook and eat healthier. Not to say that I eat super unhealthy food, because I don’t. But I could definitely stand to cut back on the calories and fat in my diet.

Our own Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations was a guest co-host of the Providence, Rhode Island CBS morning show, The Rhode Show.

I got to do somethings I normally don’t do…

Work with a teleprompter…
Work in a kitchen…
Hang out in the tech corner…
And talk gas prices!

Sue from As Cape Cod Turns takes her readers on a day trip to Nantucket with her day job as a personal assistant to a New York Times bestelling author.

He unlocked the tower door and we started climbing.

There’s a big football game going on for fans of the local New England football team this weekend. There’s going to be lots of parties this weekend with lots of good food. Jane from Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms features a recipe for Spicy Chicken Buffalo Dip that would be great for any party.

I actually brought this along to a BBQ and the guys couldn’t get enough of it . They added it on top of their cheeseburgers. This dip obviously has no limits.

Anne from Stowed Stuff reminds us all to hug our loved ones as much as we can while we still can.

The six year mark seems harder this year since all the days on the calendar match up perfectly. I relive the moments each year, but I think it seems harder this year. Anyway, I miss him more than ever and wish I could give him one last hug. Life is precious. Hug your dad today or call him up and tell him you love him.

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