Making Money With Online Advertising

You’ve probably heard that most bloggers don’t make the majority of their money through online advertising, and that’s definitely true.  However, you can still make money with ads – and here’s how!

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is available as both CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  You can make more money with cost per click, because the advertiser is paying for a visitor, but you have more control over the money you make through impressions.  If you are getting paid on impressions, most advertisers want ads “above the fold” which means the area of your site that shows when you first look at the site (without having to scroll down).  Having a smaller header on your site means you’ll have more room for above the fold ads.

Most ad networks have requirements you’ll need to comply with, and you generally have to be accepted into the network.  Many networks sell ads on all of their “inventory”, not specifically for your site.

Suggested networks:

Burst Media
Six Apart Media
Google Adsense
Federated Media

In-Text Ads:

Unlike text links, in-line ads are not delivered as hyperlinks.  When users mouse over the link, an ad pops up.  If the user clicks on it, you receive revenue.  Some complain that they are obtrusive, but, the good thing is that don’t take up any additional space on your site.

Suggested Networks:


Text Links

Text links are an actual hyperlink placed on your site.  Google frowns on these, but they pay really well, so it’s up to you to make your own decision.

Suggested Networks:

Text Link Ads

Affiliate Networks:

When you have an affiliate relationship with a company, you’ll receive a percentage of the revenue generated when a customer clicks on a link or ad on your site, and then makes a purchase.  These relationships can pay well when you have the perfect content on your site, but it can be difficult to make money.

Suggested Networks:

Share A Sale

Affiliate links

Jodi Grundig is a co-founder of Boston Parent Bloggers, and is the editor/publisher of Mom’s Favorite Stuff, Family Friendly Boston, and Family Travel Magazine


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  • Nice article Jodi! Why is it that Google frowns at text links?

  • Jodi

    Hi John, You can get more information on that here –

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