Boston Parent Bloggers at #BlogHer11

The 2011 BlogHer blogging conference was hosted in San Diego, and about a dozen Boston Parent Bloggers made the trip.In fact, Kate from Adventures in Parenting was honored as one of BlogHer Voices of the Year for a post that she wrote about Charlie Sheen’s “winning” ways.

I had a hit show called “Two and a Half Men.”
It would have been nothing without my ken.
That means ‘knowledge’ for all you losers.
You suck, just like my show’s producers.

Here is a sample of BlogHer 2011 Recap posts from some of the Boston Parent Bloggers that were in San Diego. Next year, BlogHer 2012 will be hosted back on the East Coast in New York City.

Christy at Quirky Fusion

I go to BlogHer for the networking and relationships. It’s the “place to be” for bloggers, and the one conference each year I make a full commitment to attend.

Charlene from Charlene Chronicles

Blog conferences are growing. More and more of them are added to the schedule every year, with sponsorships and money for the taking and giving. It is even more important than ever before to make sure Brands do their homework to determine the right venue and the right group with whom to work. The same is true for Bloggers.

Keri from Toy Queen

When people say BlogHer connections are everywhere, for me they started in the taxi line after arriving at the airport.

Kate from Adventures in Parenting

I was introduced to some pretty cool new products and learned quite a bit about different brands in the giant BlogHer Expo that lasted all three days.

Niri from Mommy Niri

To that effect I consider BlogHer to be my ultimate benchmark. Seeing my relationships evolve and seeing the people around.

Susan from As Cape Cod Turns

I went to a breakfast with Sallie Mae
Learned that I needed to start saving yesterday.
Danced with unicorns, wanted the cake,
Wore a hand crafted bag chapeau, it was great!

Cathy from

Overall BlogHer was wonderful. There were certainly some ups and downs, but this year the ups far outweighed the downs and I’m so grateful for the time I got to spend with the amazing women…and so many others who I came in contact with while there.


  • I’m so excited to go to Blogher 12 in New York! And even more excited that I won’t have to fly there. Look forward to heading down with some of my BPB friends. 🙂

  • Nice recap Kim! Thanks so much to you and Mommy Niri to encouraging me to pack my bags and get there!

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