BJ’s Wholesale Club Holiday Event

Kim of writes about the mom blogger event held sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club.

I recently attended a local blogger event at BJs Wholesale Club in Waltham, MA.  It was fabulous to hang out with fellow Boston Parent Bloggers Christy, Jodi, Melanie, Sarah, Charlene and Karen.  We received a tour of their holiday specials and sat down for a tasting of delicious treats.

Our family used to have a membership at BJ’s, but didn’t renew when it expired.  My husband had to drive right by one on the way home from his old job.  We just don’t find ourselves in that area as much.  That being said, this event inspired me to renew our membership.

Contrary to my previous belief, BJ’s isn’t an overstock box store.  They have buyers that go out and specifically find items to sell at their stores.  Gift boxed sets are customized just for them.  I used to associate wholesale clubs with last year’s models, overstocked items and products about to expire.  This SO does not describe BJ’s.  I enjoyed learning about their purchasing process and the name brands they sell.  They even have all the latest game consoles bundled with games at a discounted price.

I received two of this season’s hottest toys for my kids to review.  You will see those next week.

Here’s something I didn’t know about BJ’s.:

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