Meet Our Members: Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies

Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies
Let’s meet Danielle Driscoll from Finding Silver Pennies.

Where do you live?
South Shore of Massachusetts

What do you write about?
I write about my passion for painting furniture, DIY (on a budget), my family and coastal living on the south shore.

How long have you been blogging?
Three and a bit years. I started my blog on August 3, 2011.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
Many of the blogs are design and DIY blogs.

Here are a few I love:

Miss Mustard Seed

Craftberry Bush

Chronicles of Home

What inspired you to start a blog?
I was inspired by a few blogs I read and also wanted a creative outlet to express myself. My crafts, furniture painting and DIY has grown out of the desire to write and share my experiences.

Favorite blog post that you have written?

I enjoyed writing this one on Scituate –

My fall home tour is also a favorite –

Our dog Poppy was sprayed by a skunk last March. It was so horrible, the smell and the whole ordeal, horrible. We did our sunroom over due to this incident. We’ve loved every minute out there:

How many kids?

How old are they?
John is 8 and Conor is 5.

Why did you join Boston Parent Bloggers?
I joined Boston Parent Bloggers to meet some local bloggers and make connections. I really love the world of blogging and how generous and helpful most bloggers are.

Any favorite tips, tools, or plugins?
I LOVE Instagram and Pinterest. I started on blogger and am now on WordPress which I love. PicMonkey is great for free editing and I’ve just started using Lightroom over the summer which has made a huge difference.

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