JM Barrie’s Peter Pan 360 and Boston Parent Bloggers

JM Barries Peter Pan 360 Boston

Boston Parent Bloggers and their families get a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Last month, a few Boston Parent Bloggers had the opportunity to take in a performance of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan 360 that was playing in Boston at City Hall Plaza.

Gilda Alberti from Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog was in attendance and shared her thoughts, “The show is truly breathtaking! The 360 theatre is something you have never seen and brings so much excitement to the show. Plus you feel totally immersed in the action. When the cast was flying through the air to Neverland it was absolutely amazing that it gave me chills. My kids who are 4 and 6 were awe struck by the performance. The other nice thing is that it could be enjoyed by all ages.”

Behind the Scenes at JM Barries Peter Pan 360 in Boston.

Boston Parent Bloggers and their families learn about the puppets used in the performance.

The theater also had a new twitter-friendly seating location which some of the Boston Parent Bloggers took advantage of by live-tweeting the performance. Gilda Alberti was one of the bloggers that was seated in the twitter-friendly area of the theater, “While we were at the show we were also part of a tweet up with the other bloggers in attendance. This was a really cool experience as we could be sharing our thoughts real time with each other and with our Twitter followers. We were also treated to a back stage tour after the show and the kids got to meet two of the puppets – the crocodile and Nana, and got to meet Peter Pan and Wendy! What an extraordinary experience for all involved.”

Check out what some of the other members that attended had to say about JM Barrie’s Peter Pan 360.

Thanks to Gilda Alberti from Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog for the photos.

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