Fashion Show with Fashion Playtes and Boston Parent Bloggers

This past weekend, a group of Boston Parent Bloggers and our oh-so-lucky-and-excited daughters had the opportunity to get a “backstage” peek at Fashion Playtes, a local Massachusetts company that offers little girls the chance to design their own clothing.

Before our visit, we received a store credit so the girls could decorate their own clothing.  They were shipped directly to the Fashion Playtes office, so they’d be ready for our visit.  When the girls arrived, they each received a “backstage pass” which included a list of all of the stations they were to visit.

The girls visited hair and makeup (makeup optional, of course), an “interview” station, the dressing room, and a fun station, while the moms learned more about Fashion Playtes.  Each girl had the chance to be photographed with their fabulous outfit, and once everyone was ready, the girls were whisked away to practice for their runway appearance.

When the girls were ready, us moms headed down to watch the show.  As the girls headed down 2 by 2 or 3 by 3, they were announced.  My daughter was unbelievably excited by how real this runway show was, and she already wants to be in another fashion show!

Thanks so much to Fashion Playtes for providing Boston Parent Bloggers and our children this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Disclosure: Fashion Playtes hosted the event and provided us each with a gift certificate to purchase an outfit. 

Here are some other posts from Boston Parent Bloggers who were in attendance!

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