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Jill Notkin of The Daily Grind writes about the Shop & Shop Mom Blogger Event.

Stop & Shop for Back-to-School

S&s It’s no secret that Stop & Shop is my grocery store of choice.  After becoming a self-described grocery money-saving maven, I did the comparisons and found that indeed, Stop & Shop is the major grocery chain with the best prices, the most innovative ideas, and the most money-saving opportunities.  Some things that rock about the store are:

  • their Scan It! program (note: if you have coupons for free items, you’ll need assistance)
  • their Healthy Ideas foods, clearly labeled for easy recognition
  • super friendly service (I left an entire bag of groceries there a few months ago, and the customer service peeps could not have been more helpful)
  • frequent mailings including great discounts, freebies, and coupons

I attended an event last week at the fantastic Sibling Rivalry in Boston, hosted by Stop & Shop’s always informative consumer advisor, Andrea Astrachan.  She talked to us bloggers about their private labels, Simply Enjoy and their organic line, Nature’s Promise, both for use in our homes, and in lunch boxes.  I have tried many items of both against their name-brand comp and have found Menu them to be absolutely comparable, except that their price is lower.  They make great snacks for school lunches (try the organic mac ‘n cheese, it’s a staple in our house), and my single favorite money-saver – their Nature’s Promise milk.

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