Boston Parent Bloggers Unite!

Through my work at and my personal blogs I am often invited to blogger and press events. Inevitably, if I am at all interested in or excited about the activities, they are located in New York or LA. This isn’t surprising, as both cities are considered hot spots for information, events and culture. The flaw is that I’m located just outside of Boston and have no budget for flying around to the major metropolis’ of the world. When I ask my contacts about visiting our area, they consistently respond, “Oh, I didn’t realize there were a lot of bloggers there.”

I am here to tell our PR friends, as well as any lonely parent bloggers in the Boston area, that we are here in strong numbers. In addition to the culture and history we enjoy in Beantown, and renowned high-tech and academic institutions, we have an extremely talented group of bloggers, podcasters and vloggers. We also have a highly respected social media scene, but that’s another story entirely.

So, I extend an invitation, first to other local bloggers and then to our friends in the PR industry, to check us out.

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  • Glad to find you all! The dad blog world abuzz lately with next month’s M3 conf in ATL – not in my budget either

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