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Red Sox Invite Boston Parent Bloggers to Become Red Sox Moms

Hot on the heels of a historic championship season, the World Champion Boston Red Sox invited several Boston Parent Bloggers to be a part of the inaugural Red Sox Moms Club. The goal of the #RedSoxMoms program is to share events, information, and activities happening within the Red Sox organization. As part of this program the Red Sox Moms will be invited to be a special guest at some amazing events throughout the 2014 baseball season.

As our first event, we were invited to Fenway Park to sample “FenwaYoga.” On June 8th, fans can join a FenwaYoga class taught at Fenway Park by celebrity Yoga instructor Mandy Ingber. The cost is $25 to participate and you must raise $250 for the Red Sox Foundation.

RedSoxMoms Yoga

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox

What a beautiful view during Yoga!RedSoxMoms Yoga

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox Foundation will also be raffling off the World Championship rings. You can learn more about the Ring Raffle here.
World Championship Rings

Photo Courtesy of Gilda Aliberti

Photo Courtesy of Gilda Aliberti
Read more about Red Sox Moms, FenwaYoga, the Ring Raffle, and Out of the Park events in the blog posts below.

Stay tuned to the #RedSoxMoms hashtag on twitter to stay in the loop on great events coming up at Fenway Park.

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Gilda Aliberti is a Part Time Project Manager, Mom to Evan (9 years old) and Lauren (7 years old), and blogger at Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog.  She shares area attractions, shows, product reviews and great giveaways with her readers.  She is also a Disney enthusiast, PTO President, Cake Decorator, and Scrapbooker.  She can be contacted at
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Boston Parent Blogers Celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out With Raising A Reader

Gretchen Kinder of Raise A Reader MA.

Boston Parent Bloggers celebrated National Mom’s Nite Out at an event hosted at the Barefoot Books Flagship Storein Concord to shine a light on a local charity, Raising a Reader MA.

Raising a Reader MA is an evidence-based early literacy program that helps families of young children develop, practice and maintain habits of reading together at home. A key component of their programming is the Red Bag Book Rotation Program where bright red bags are filled with quality children’s books and are rotated through families’ homes.

Event attendees listened to and engaged with former Globe Parenting columnist Barbara Meltz and were able to experience the Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio located at (and courtesy of) Barefoot Books. In addition, guests enjoyed a delicious spread of food sponsored by Stop & Shop.

Special thanks also goes to other sponsors including Pop Chips, Wegman’s Wine Shop, and National Mom Night’s Out.


Boston Bloggers Do Good

Do Good DayOn July 14, nine Boston area bloggers came together to spread some good mojo in the city.  In conjunction with 77 kids by American Eagle and The Motherhood, 77 bloggers in 11 cities set out to do random acts of kindness in their local communities. I loved the idea; sometimes we forget that it’s the little things that make a difference on a daily basis. Activities included writing letters to the troops, making cards for kids at a local hospital and distributing backpacks filled with school supplies. Along with some of our kids, we handed out small packs of Silly Bands to kids at the New England Aquarium. We asked the kids to keep one or two, and share the rest with friends. It was a simply way to get them thinking about doing kind things for other people.

As with any undertaking of this size, things don’t always go as we intend. We had originally planned to do a different project, but were forced to drop it at the last minute when things didn’t gel with the host organization. Logistics got more and more convoluted until we no longer felt we were meeting our mission to commit random acts of kindness. So, Silly Bands it was. And, as it turns out, it was a fun morning. It was nice to see the excitement on the faces of the kids receiving the Bands, but I was even more touched by the engagement of some of the bloggers’ kids who participated in the event. And that’s really what it was supposed to be about.

Our Do Good Day “kits” came with all sorts of goodies, from t-shirts for our kids to thank you notes for partnering organizations. To help us in the mission they also contained 77 brand new dollar bills in sleeves that have tips for good works you can do for little or no money. Since my kids weren’t present on Do Good Day, and since handing out money in public venues is typically met with suspicion, I brought my dollars home to distribute in other ways. And I have been having fun with it… leaving a dollar in a restroom and on a chair in a waiting area. And talking with my kids about their own ideas. It’s just another opportunity for me to foster an ethic of service in my children.

Participating Bloggers:
Angela Tseng
Jodi Grundig
Christine Koh
Nirasha Jaganath
Jennifer Leigh
Audrey McClelland (We were also joined by Audrey’s mom, fellow blogger Sharon Couto)

Thanks to:

Disclosure: Bloggers participating in Do Good Day received compensation from American Eagle and The Motherhood.

*This article was originally posted on Quirky Fusion.

Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic in Boston!

DSC_0019-1This past Memorial Day, Boston was host to one of the nine Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnics!  Christy Matte, Christine Koh, Audrey McClelland, and I were the co-hosts (working with The Motherhood), and we all had a fabulous time!

Radio station WROR was in attendance, and they not only brought some great music, but also some fun activities for the little ones – my kids had a blast playing “hot potato” with a beach ball!  We had several amazing service projects including:

The location, Artesani Park, was the perfect spot for our summer kick off, and we had fabulous attendance from local families.

A huge thanks to Hebrew National – we’ll see you next year!