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Boston Parent Bloggers Race to Back Bay Verizon Destination Store

A group of Boston Parent Bloggers celebrated the opening of the Verizon Destination Store located at 745 Boylston Street in the Back Bay.

Take a peek at some of the fun stops they visited while participating in a scavenger-hunt-type race.

Verizon Wireless Amazing Race #VZBoston #VZWBuzz Boston Public Library w friends

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More Amazing Race #VZBoston #VZWBuzz Verizon!

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Having fun in selfie booth at new Verizon Destination store. #VZBoston

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Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer and Henrietta’s Table

Earlier this month, a group of Boston Parent Bloggers were invited to attend a luncheon at Henrietta’s Table to learn about the new line of Braun no touch thermometers. Bloggers were also treated to a cooking lesson by Peter Davis, Henrietta’s Table’s famed chef.

Visit the links below to find out more about the each blogger’s experience at the event.

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer - Mom's Lifesavers

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer – Mom’s Lifesavers

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer
Cooking Comfort Foods at Henrietta's Table - 30 Something Mother Runner

Cooking Comfort Foods at Henrietta’s Table – 30 Something Mother Runner

Last Thursday I had the chance to head up to Boston to cook some comfort foods with Chef Peter Davis at Henrietta’s Table and to learn more about Braun…
Preparing for Cold & Flu Season with Braun Thermometers & Henrietta’s Table

Preparing for Cold & Flu Season with Braun Thermometers & Henrietta’s Table |kimworld

Recently, I was invited by Braun Thermometers to a comfort food cooking class at the amazing Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge, MA.
Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer | New Hampshire Kids

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer | New Hampshire Kids

I recently attended a wonderful event hosted by Braun Thermometers at the beautiful Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge, MA. The event included a cooking demo from Chef Peter Davis (more to come…
Taking Temperatures with a No Touch Forehead Thermometer | Capability : Mom

Taking Temperatures with a No Touch Forehead Thermometer | Capability : Mom

When your children are sick, it’s not just about managing their symptoms and getting them well, it’s also dealing with, um, shall we say, heightened preferences – everyone is a little more particular when they’re under the weather. Some kids resist taking spit back up medicine, and taking temperatures, while critical, is another not fun sick-time activity. How to make it easy on everyone is something the engineers at Braun have figured out which is good, as we could all use the help. As a disclosure of my ineptitude at any given time, there are three thermometers in our house – the “good one” and two back up which are possibly either mildly or wildly inaccurate (why don’t I just throw them away? Maybe is the next great clean out I will).

Red Sox Invite Boston Parent Bloggers to Become Red Sox Moms

Hot on the heels of a historic championship season, the World Champion Boston Red Sox invited several Boston Parent Bloggers to be a part of the inaugural Red Sox Moms Club. The goal of the #RedSoxMoms program is to share events, information, and activities happening within the Red Sox organization. As part of this program the Red Sox Moms will be invited to be a special guest at some amazing events throughout the 2014 baseball season.

As our first event, we were invited to Fenway Park to sample “FenwaYoga.” On June 8th, fans can join a FenwaYoga class taught at Fenway Park by celebrity Yoga instructor Mandy Ingber. The cost is $25 to participate and you must raise $250 for the Red Sox Foundation.

RedSoxMoms Yoga

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox

What a beautiful view during Yoga!RedSoxMoms Yoga

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox Foundation will also be raffling off the World Championship rings. You can learn more about the Ring Raffle here.
World Championship Rings

Photo Courtesy of Gilda Aliberti

Photo Courtesy of Gilda Aliberti
Read more about Red Sox Moms, FenwaYoga, the Ring Raffle, and Out of the Park events in the blog posts below.

Stay tuned to the #RedSoxMoms hashtag on twitter to stay in the loop on great events coming up at Fenway Park.

RedSoxMoms logo

Gilda Aliberti is a Part Time Project Manager, Mom to Evan (9 years old) and Lauren (7 years old), and blogger at Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog.  She shares area attractions, shows, product reviews and great giveaways with her readers.  She is also a Disney enthusiast, PTO President, Cake Decorator, and Scrapbooker.  She can be contacted at
Evan Lauren Blog

Boston Parent Bloggers Attempt Aerial Yoga with TD Bank

TD Bank Aerial YogaLast week, TD Bank challenged Boston Parent Bloggers to learn more about freedom and flexibility with aerial yoga.  Why aerial yoga?  Well, TD Bank is all about freedom (offering free checking without the requirement of high balances) and flexibility (many checking options and extended branch hours) – two characteristics that aerial yoga embody.

Personally, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was amazed that I was actually able to do most of the moves, once I got past my fear of falling.  The instructor was great at walking us through the steps, and it was fun to do the class as a group.  I was also impressed that the TD Bank execs were right along with us – doing the aerial yoga while wearing their work clothes.  That’s dedication!

South Boston Yoga offers this intro class on a regular basis – but it’s not something I would have done on my own.  So, a big thanks to TD Bank for getting me out of my comfort zone, and for my fellow Boston Parent Bloggers for being brave enough to try it out!

Disclosure: TD Bank engaged Boston Parent Bloggers to help coordinate this event. 

Photo credit: TD Bank

McDonald’s Host Boston Parent Bloggers on Bus to BlogHer

Photo Courtesy of Jodi Grundig.

McDonald’s [@McDEasternNE and @McDonalds] hosted a group of over 15 Boston Parent Bloggers bound for BlogHer in New York City on August 2nd.

On the way, the bloggers were joined by a Chef [@ChefJessRD] who discussed ways that the restaurant chain is working to offer healthier options. In addition, the bus of bloggers stopped by a roadside McDonald’s restaurant so they could sample some of the favorites under 400 calories menu including oatmeal, egg mcmuffins, strawberry lemonade, and coffee.

The BlogHer swagfest started early with aweseome McDonald’s snuggies that were handed out to all of the bloggers for the bus trip.

Thanks again to McDonald’s for hosting the Boston Parent Bloggers to BlogHer!

Fashion Show with Fashion Playtes and Boston Parent Bloggers

This past weekend, a group of Boston Parent Bloggers and our oh-so-lucky-and-excited daughters had the opportunity to get a “backstage” peek at Fashion Playtes, a local Massachusetts company that offers little girls the chance to design their own clothing.

Before our visit, we received a store credit so the girls could decorate their own clothing.  They were shipped directly to the Fashion Playtes office, so they’d be ready for our visit.  When the girls arrived, they each received a “backstage pass” which included a list of all of the stations they were to visit.

The girls visited hair and makeup (makeup optional, of course), an “interview” station, the dressing room, and a fun station, while the moms learned more about Fashion Playtes.  Each girl had the chance to be photographed with their fabulous outfit, and once everyone was ready, the girls were whisked away to practice for their runway appearance.

When the girls were ready, us moms headed down to watch the show.  As the girls headed down 2 by 2 or 3 by 3, they were announced.  My daughter was unbelievably excited by how real this runway show was, and she already wants to be in another fashion show!

Thanks so much to Fashion Playtes for providing Boston Parent Bloggers and our children this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Disclosure: Fashion Playtes hosted the event and provided us each with a gift certificate to purchase an outfit. 

Here are some other posts from Boston Parent Bloggers who were in attendance!

Vicks Behind the Ear Thermometer Event with Dr. Meg Meeker and the Boston Parent Bloggers

Dr. Meg Meeker at Vicks Behind the Ear Thermometer Event

Photo Courtesy of Kerry Goodwin

Nearly 30 members of the Boston Parent Bloggers joined other local bloggers for a Winter Warm Up event hosted by the makers of the new Vicks Behind the Ear thermometer.

The event was held at Finale Desserterie and Bakery where guests were treated to a delicious spread of tasty treats.

Dr. Meg Meeker, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and author of “The 10 Habits of Happy Moms,” gave a presentation that touched on tips on dealing with fevers in children and keeping a healthy household.

She also stressed the importance that mothers should not parent out of fear, instead they should trust their gut when it comes to the health of their children.

The new Vicks Behind the Ear thermometer is a great way to quickly get an accurate reading for the whole family especially the sleeping baby and the wiggly toddler.

Vicks Behind the Ear Thermometer

Photo Courtesy of Kerry Goodwin

In addition to thermometers, the same manufacturer has other complementary products to help keep the family and the house healthy over the winter season including a wide range of humidifiers, vaporizers, and monitors. Each attendee was sent home with a bag of products to sample.

Read a little bit about what some of the Boston Parent Blogger members had to say about the event using the links below.

Special thanks to Kerry Goodwin Photography for use of the photos.

Boston Parent Bloggers Attend the Launch Party for

Kim T, Niri J, Sarah V, Cindy M, Charlene O, Jodi G, Andrew Shue, and Christine K

This past Wednesday, several members of the Boston Parent Bloggers community celebrated the launch of in the Boston suburbs with a party at Isis Parenting in Needham, MA. Local bloggers were invited to attend the media-only portion of the event, and had the opportunity to interview Andrew Shue (formerly of Melrose Place and co-founder of CafeMom/ before the party opened up to other attendees.

Andrew talked about why he co-founded CafeMom/ (because he saw the power of moms after founding his first charity, Do Something), why the Boston suburbs were chosen as one of the five communities for the launch (because of the economics and demographics of the area), and how he thinks can evolve into a powerful community for moms.

For a limited time. and Isis Parenting are doing a drive to benefit Room To Grow.  Sign up through this link and $2 will be donated to Room to Grow!

Jodi Grundig is a co-founder of Boston Parent Bloggers, and is the editor/publisher of Mom’s Favorite Stuff, Family Friendly Boston, and Family Travel Magazine.

Boston Parent Bloggers Get a Sneak Preview of Yogi Bear Movie

Boston Parent Blogger Sharon Reilly of The Life of Reilly attended the Boston Parent Bloggers sneak preview of the Yogi Bear movie.

My kids have never been to the movies. I know, call DSS already. What the hell kind of mother am I? My oldest is 4.5 and he’s never been to the movies.

Let me explain. I am of the mindset that I would rather watch a movie at home. Weird, since up until a few weeks ago we still had a 25 inch tube television. I know! I couldn’t even QC my work videos properly on the damn thing. Also I so infrequently get to see my friends that just about the last thing I want to do is sit in a dark theater and not talk to them while sitting next to them. Date night you say? Nope not spending money on a sitter to go spend more money on a movie. Just feed me. The real truth is that I have had three kids in five years and I simply have not found the time. Someone was always too young, too loud, to new, too messy, too throwing food, too potty training, Too SOMETHING.

I received an email from Boston Parent Bloggers that they had been given passes to screen the new Yogi Bear movie. All I had to do was sign up at and enter a rsvp code. “Gofobo is a new and exciting online experience designed to help you see movies first and win prizes fast.” I’m not sure what that means but you can check it out for yourself :-) We would get to see it a week before everyone else. A fact that only my husband and I thought was cool.

The movie, well I’m not a critic, but… (continue reading at The Life of Reilly)

Local Bloggers Visit Linden Square in Wellesley

Boston Parent Blogger Mommy Niri posts about the Linden Square event in Wellesley.

I was at an event in the Linden Square Mall recently to a night of fun where the tenants of the mall, based in Wellseley- MA, displayed their wares. The mall was certainly on the upper scale featuring more stylish, trendy and non chain like stores. I was lucky enough to take a tour of them with a few bloggers. My favorite has got to be the Magic Beans children’s store. I had heard many a great thing about the store but this was the first time I got to check it out. I love how they have a fabulous playspace for the kids.

Also we were treated to hair cuts by the salon at the Salon Maleah. But my favorite? Check out these young girls singing in the video (continued on

Disclosure: We were provided a stipend to participate in the mall stroll.