Mom, Do You Have What it Takes to Launch a Successful Blogging Business?

My kids at Disney Social Media Moms, or why I don't have mommy guilt about my blog

Every single week, my husband and his friends get together to play video games.  I used to joke that I’d have to be dying for him to stay home. The truth is that they commit to it and make it happen. It’s not unusual for one of them to miss it (they all have very young children), but game night […]

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Making Money With Online Advertising

You’ve probably heard that most bloggers don’t make the majority of their money through online advertising, and that’s definitely true.  However, you can still make money with ads – and here’s how! Traditional Advertising Traditional advertising is available as both CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  You can make more money with cost per click, because […]

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Boston Parent Bloggers Tip of the Week – Legwork

One of my favorite things about Boston Parent Bloggers and about blogging in general is the chance to help other people start seeing their visions come to life through blogging. Whether it’s just a place to express yourself, promotion for another business, a chance to meet new people, or the beginning of your social media empire, blogging is fun. When […]

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Boston Parent Blogger Tip of the Week – Relationships

Becoming a respected member of the blogosphere is all about building relationships and it doesn’t happen overnight. Connect with other bloggers, join and engage on a few social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook being the most important right now), attend events and conferences, and participate on other blogs you enjoy. If you’re looking for opportunities, you can’t just tuck yourself […]

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WordCamp Boston

What I did on my summer vacation. So this one time, at WordCamp…. I went to camp this summer; minus the mosquitoes and smores. (Bummer on the latter.) WordCamp was an informal day and a half Boston conference in July that focused on everything WordPress. Casual users (aka: me) to core developers got together to participate, share ideas, and get […]

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The Coupon Goddess Scores Her Best Deal Yet

(Please note: This story has been posted with Melanie’s blessing. As many of you know, Melanie was involved in an accident earlier this week and is currently in the hospital. To learn more about what happened, head over to her blog to read, “So this one time, Melanie got hit by a car.”  Please keep Melanie in your thoughts and […]

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