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Making Money With Online Advertising

You’ve probably heard that most bloggers don’t make the majority of their money through online advertising, and that’s definitely true.  However, you can still make money with ads – and here’s how!

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is available as both CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  You can make more money with cost per click, because the advertiser is paying for a visitor, but you have more control over the money you make through impressions.  If you are getting paid on impressions, most advertisers want ads “above the fold” which means the area of your site that shows when you first look at the site (without having to scroll down).  Having a smaller header on your site means you’ll have more room for above the fold ads.

Most ad networks have requirements you’ll need to comply with, and you generally have to be accepted into the network.  Many networks sell ads on all of their “inventory”, not specifically for your site.

Suggested networks:

Burst Media
Six Apart Media
Google Adsense
Federated Media

In-Text Ads:

Unlike text links, in-line ads are not delivered as hyperlinks.  When users mouse over the link, an ad pops up.  If the user clicks on it, you receive revenue.  Some complain that they are obtrusive, but, the good thing is that don’t take up any additional space on your site.

Suggested Networks:


Text Links

Text links are an actual hyperlink placed on your site.  Google frowns on these, but they pay really well, so it’s up to you to make your own decision.

Suggested Networks:

Text Link Ads

Affiliate Networks:

When you have an affiliate relationship with a company, you’ll receive a percentage of the revenue generated when a customer clicks on a link or ad on your site, and then makes a purchase.  These relationships can pay well when you have the perfect content on your site, but it can be difficult to make money.

Suggested Networks:

Share A Sale

Affiliate links

Jodi Grundig is a co-founder of Boston Parent Bloggers, and is the editor/publisher of Mom’s Favorite Stuff, Family Friendly Boston, and Family Travel Magazine

Boston Parent Bloggers Get a Sneak Preview of Yogi Bear Movie

Boston Parent Blogger Sharon Reilly of The Life of Reilly attended the Boston Parent Bloggers sneak preview of the Yogi Bear movie.

My kids have never been to the movies. I know, call DSS already. What the hell kind of mother am I? My oldest is 4.5 and he’s never been to the movies.

Let me explain. I am of the mindset that I would rather watch a movie at home. Weird, since up until a few weeks ago we still had a 25 inch tube television. I know! I couldn’t even QC my work videos properly on the damn thing. Also I so infrequently get to see my friends that just about the last thing I want to do is sit in a dark theater and not talk to them while sitting next to them. Date night you say? Nope not spending money on a sitter to go spend more money on a movie. Just feed me. The real truth is that I have had three kids in five years and I simply have not found the time. Someone was always too young, too loud, to new, too messy, too throwing food, too potty training, Too SOMETHING.

I received an email from Boston Parent Bloggers that they had been given passes to screen the new Yogi Bear movie. All I had to do was sign up at and enter a rsvp code. “Gofobo is a new and exciting online experience designed to help you see movies first and win prizes fast.” I’m not sure what that means but you can check it out for yourself :-) We would get to see it a week before everyone else. A fact that only my husband and I thought was cool.

The movie, well I’m not a critic, but… (continue reading at The Life of Reilly)

Local Bloggers Visit Linden Square in Wellesley

Boston Parent Blogger Mommy Niri posts about the Linden Square event in Wellesley.

I was at an event in the Linden Square Mall recently to a night of fun where the tenants of the mall, based in Wellseley- MA, displayed their wares. The mall was certainly on the upper scale featuring more stylish, trendy and non chain like stores. I was lucky enough to take a tour of them with a few bloggers. My favorite has got to be the Magic Beans children’s store. I had heard many a great thing about the store but this was the first time I got to check it out. I love how they have a fabulous playspace for the kids.

Also we were treated to hair cuts by the salon at the Salon Maleah. But my favorite? Check out these young girls singing in the video (continued on

Disclosure: We were provided a stipend to participate in the mall stroll.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holiday Event

Kim of writes about the mom blogger event held sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club.

I recently attended a local blogger event at BJs Wholesale Club in Waltham, MA.  It was fabulous to hang out with fellow Boston Parent Bloggers Christy, Jodi, Melanie, Sarah, Charlene and Karen.  We received a tour of their holiday specials and sat down for a tasting of delicious treats.

Our family used to have a membership at BJ’s, but didn’t renew when it expired.  My husband had to drive right by one on the way home from his old job.  We just don’t find ourselves in that area as much.  That being said, this event inspired me to renew our membership.

Contrary to my previous belief, BJ’s isn’t an overstock box store.  They have buyers that go out and specifically find items to sell at their stores.  Gift boxed sets are customized just for them.  I used to associate wholesale clubs with last year’s models, overstocked items and products about to expire.  This SO does not describe BJ’s.  I enjoyed learning about their purchasing process and the name brands they sell.  They even have all the latest game consoles bundled with games at a discounted price.

I received two of this season’s hottest toys for my kids to review.  You will see those next week.

Here’s something I didn’t know about BJ’s.:

Read the rest of this post on

The Langham Hotel’s Chocolate Buffet Media Event

Last weekend, Boston Parent Blogger Jill Notkin and I were treated to the opening of the 22nd season of the chocolate buffet at the Langham Hotel.

The theme this year – the Five Elements of Taste – is both inspired and delicious. It’s nearly impossible to try everything you’ll want to try – I started with a made-to-order crepe, and then moved to a whole bunch of the small one or two bite desserts. But, my personal favorite is the chocolate croissant bread pudding, a returning favorite from past years. Add some of the caramel sauce, and wow. Just yum.

Pastry Chef Jed Hackney explained that throughout the year, unpopular selections are replaced with other creations. I also asked about food allergies, and was told that the chef can provide walkthroughs of the entire buffet for those with food allergies. As a mom to a child with a severe nut allergy, this made me confident that I can bring my daughter to the chocolate buffet.

The chocolate buffet runs through June and is $38 for adults and $25 for children 5 through 12.

Langham Boston Hotel
250 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 451 1900

Disclosure: I attended a complimentary media event at the chocolate buffet.

Stop and Shop Mom Blogger Event

Jill Notkin of The Daily Grind writes about the Shop & Shop Mom Blogger Event.

Stop & Shop for Back-to-School

S&s It’s no secret that Stop & Shop is my grocery store of choice.  After becoming a self-described grocery money-saving maven, I did the comparisons and found that indeed, Stop & Shop is the major grocery chain with the best prices, the most innovative ideas, and the most money-saving opportunities.  Some things that rock about the store are:

  • their Scan It! program (note: if you have coupons for free items, you’ll need assistance)
  • their Healthy Ideas foods, clearly labeled for easy recognition
  • super friendly service (I left an entire bag of groceries there a few months ago, and the customer service peeps could not have been more helpful)
  • frequent mailings including great discounts, freebies, and coupons

I attended an event last week at the fantastic Sibling Rivalry in Boston, hosted by Stop & Shop’s always informative consumer advisor, Andrea Astrachan.  She talked to us bloggers about their private labels, Simply Enjoy and their organic line, Nature’s Promise, both for use in our homes, and in lunch boxes.  I have tried many items of both against their name-brand comp and have found Menu them to be absolutely comparable, except that their price is lower.  They make great snacks for school lunches (try the organic mac ‘n cheese, it’s a staple in our house), and my single favorite money-saver – their Nature’s Promise milk.

Read the rest on Jill’s Blog.

Boston Area Event: My Blog Spark Dinner

A few weeks ago, I was invited, as a member of My Blog Spark, to a dinner at Myers + Chang in Boston. It was supposed to be a thank you dinner for members of the network, and I was allowed one guest. Since my kids were going to be at my parents house for my Hawaii trip the next morning, my husband and I decided to make a date night of it. My husband doesn’t typically like Chinese food, but Myers + Chang is more of an upscale restaurant with high-quality food.

After we arrived, we were seated at a table for two. I was surprised that it wasn’t more of a networking event, but we did have a great dinner. The first two courses were delicious, and by the time our entrees arrived, we were already full. But, we still dug in, and my husband finished his entree (Kung Pao Chicken). I thought mine, the Spicy Ginger Chicken dish, was a bit sweet, but ate all of the chicken pieces, which were really great quality.

When our host for the event got up to speak, we all thought it was to thank us for coming – which she did. But then, she made the shocking and surprising announcement that the restaurant had actually helped them pull a switcheroo – the entrees we received weren’t from the restaurant – they were Wanchai Ferry frozen meals!!

Jaws dropped. I was surprised, and of course, later put the pieces together – the fact that our server had to ask how spicy my meal was (when I asked her), the liability waiver we signed, the fact that there was no networking. But still, I was shocked. And so was my non-Chinese-food-liking husband, who devoured his dish.

So, I can honestly say Wanchai Ferry fooled me!

Disclosure: I was provided with dinner, a gift card to cover expenses, and coupons through My Blog Spark.  Originally posted on Mom’s Favorite Stuff.

Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic in Boston!

DSC_0019-1This past Memorial Day, Boston was host to one of the nine Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnics!  Christy Matte, Christine Koh, Audrey McClelland, and I were the co-hosts (working with The Motherhood), and we all had a fabulous time!

Radio station WROR was in attendance, and they not only brought some great music, but also some fun activities for the little ones – my kids had a blast playing “hot potato” with a beach ball!  We had several amazing service projects including:

The location, Artesani Park, was the perfect spot for our summer kick off, and we had fabulous attendance from local families.

A huge thanks to Hebrew National – we’ll see you next year!