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Parenting Adventures in New England

Kate, of Adventures in Parenting, recently moved to the Boston area from St. Louis. As a New England native, I sometimes take for granted all of the amazing things there are to do in our area. Kate and her family spent the past year really delving into all of the wonderful places that make New England special (including the ability to easily get to NYC!). She blogged about it on her site, and I’ve snagged her YouTube video so you can see how amazing New England truly is. Once you’ve fallen in love with New England (and her adorable kids), head over to Kate’s site. She’s also a fantastic writer.

Boston Parent Bloggers Get a Sneak Preview of Yogi Bear Movie

Boston Parent Blogger Sharon Reilly of The Life of Reilly attended the Boston Parent Bloggers sneak preview of the Yogi Bear movie.

My kids have never been to the movies. I know, call DSS already. What the hell kind of mother am I? My oldest is 4.5 and he’s never been to the movies.

Let me explain. I am of the mindset that I would rather watch a movie at home. Weird, since up until a few weeks ago we still had a 25 inch tube television. I know! I couldn’t even QC my work videos properly on the damn thing. Also I so infrequently get to see my friends that just about the last thing I want to do is sit in a dark theater and not talk to them while sitting next to them. Date night you say? Nope not spending money on a sitter to go spend more money on a movie. Just feed me. The real truth is that I have had three kids in five years and I simply have not found the time. Someone was always too young, too loud, to new, too messy, too throwing food, too potty training, Too SOMETHING.

I received an email from Boston Parent Bloggers that they had been given passes to screen the new Yogi Bear movie. All I had to do was sign up at and enter a rsvp code. “Gofobo is a new and exciting online experience designed to help you see movies first and win prizes fast.” I’m not sure what that means but you can check it out for yourself :-) We would get to see it a week before everyone else. A fact that only my husband and I thought was cool.

The movie, well I’m not a critic, but… (continue reading at The Life of Reilly)